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The PC Solutions staff are so great to work with. They are friendly, knowledgeable, and thorough. What a great experience. -Lynette | Coon Valley, WI
Best pc repair I ever had. Tried a bunch.They work on it until 2am on a fri. night. Got it up & running good enough to finish what i was going. Then over the weekend repaired all issues. Can look and look but won't find a better repair specialist ! -Brian | Savannah, TN
A friend recommended Ryan a few years ago when I was having problems with my computer. I needed help again, and was very happy to find Ryan still "in the business." He "cleaned up" my computer, answered questions, checked problems, and made suggestions. (All without making me feel not-so-smart!) It was very convenient, as I was in the comfort of my own home and he did the work remotely. I will certainly call PC Solutions again if I need help in the future, and I will recommend the service to others. Thank-you!! -Sharon | La Crosse, WI
T: Ryan's the man! He did an excellent job,and he was super fast. Thank you Ryan & PC Solutions. -Mark | Lordstown, OH
The techs here are awesome. They fixed my problem. They are a good old fashioned Midwest small company that I knew I could trust in my computer. In this day and age it is a big deal to let some one in my network with access to my confidential and personal info. It is nice to know that I have someone from Wisconsin doing this not someone internationally. -Eric | Dubuque, IA
I would recommend this site for computer repair to everyone. Ryan my tech specialist was absolutely AMAZING!!! I called on a holiday weekend and he worked on my computer day and night until it was fixed!! Thanks again for all of your help!!!! -Jessica | Chicago, IL
After a day of trying to fix a few problems on my own, I decided to look for remote desktop assistance, which I have used in the past on occasion. I contacted Remote Fix It Now and scheduled a call for the next morning. Ryan called promptly at 10 a.m. and went about fixing the issues I had told him about. It took an hour, and everything was back to normal. Ryan was very helpful and pleasant to work with. The fee I paid is less than another service I had tried to call about these issues and a service I had used over a year ago for another problem. It is very reasonable fee compared to other services and worth every penny. I highly recommend Remote Fix It Now. -Lynn Emerson | Kenosha, WI
After a phone call and a failed download of the PC Solutions program Ryan was able to email me a fix so that I could download and install the programs necessary for him to get to work on my laptop. A short time and a few phone calls later my laptop was up and running again. I was back online and using my laptop in just over an hour, not bad for a Saturday. -David Rodriguez | St. Louis, MO
Remote Fit It now rocks! Ryan saved the day in a matter of just minutes without even having to come to my office so I can actually get some work done after downloading a virus on my PC. Ooops! -Heather | La Crosse, WI
My issues were resolved in short order by a very understanding and patient person. I’m not the most technical person in the world so most people get frustrated working with me. Not these guys! The time was taken to explain the whole situation in great detail on a level that I understood. I would recommend these guys over anyone in this area. The rest of the folks around here look at me as a number. PCSolutions most certainly saw me as a person. I appriciate that! -Norm | Chicago, IL
Ryan provided us with a stellar service at an excellent price. He is extremely knowledgeable at what he does and offers honest, quality suggestions to fix any problem, allows the customer to decide on what service they would like (without pressure), and resolves any issue at hand. We are very appreciative of Ryan's work! -Malory | Sparta, WI
This was the best $85 I ever spent! In one session, my computer files were cleaned up, virus software updated, and programs were downloaded that allow me to connect to applications from my workplace. I feel like I now have my own personal help desk that I can call for any problems for the entire year. I couldn't be more appreciative of the work Ryan did, and the positive and professional manner in which he did his work -Jane | Galesville, WI
Very friendly and helpful. Did a wonderful job fixing my computer issues. Did not mind answering any of my questions. A++++ -Brandie | Medina, TN
I totally recommend PC Solutions and RemoteFix. My computer had many errors and I did not know how to fix them. Ryan Wessel fixed everything quickly and professionally. He listened and gave me his complete attention to my pc problem which is hardly ever done anymore. The pricing is fair and reasonable. I bought the year package and I am glad I did. I felt valued as a customer. I was treated with respect. He never talked down to me. He explained to me what he was doing and told me to call if I experience further problems. I hope I will have no need to call but if I do I know I will be in good hands. -Linda | Fredericksburg, VA
My pc is used for a couple of my businesses so over time things start to run slow or not just up to par so i searched online for a remote pc fix company. This company is very good at what they do and honest. He had all the office pc's fixed cleaned in no time. He is the only guy allowed to work on the pc's -Todd | Dover, DE
Always able to help and very knowledgeable with everything. Very honest and reliable service, I recommend you to everyone. -Frank | Onalaska, WI